N.Y.U. – Thesis Project..1996


My N.Y.U. Thesis Project, African-American Pride was to create a prototype CD-ROM of the contributions African-Americans have made in the United States.  It was done when I was a graduate student in the Interactive Telecommunications Program.

It was divided into Biographies, Puzzles, Quizzes, and Websites, which linked from the CD-ROM to various internet websites.

bio–Biography Section

The Biographies section consists of three distinct sections; authors, musicians and sports.

The selected authors are Maya Angelou, Rita Dove, and Toni Morrison, with biographies, poetry, and video movies available for each.

The Musician section consisted of Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, and Sarah Vaughn.  It also contained personal accounts of their lives and musical performances.

The Sports section contains biographies, photographs, and video highlights of the careers of Michael Jordan, Jackie Robinson, and Willie Mays.

puzzle–Puzzle Section

The Puzzle section incorporates six separate puzzles of Toni Morrison, Whoopi Goldberg, Mae Jemsion, Natalie Cole, Queen Latifah, and Angela Davis, divided into two levels.

The first level has three puzzles which have four pieces each, and the second level has three puzzles, but each puzzle has nine pieces.

When a puzzle is completed the user has the option of viewing a biography or listening to a musical clip of the person they’ve put together.

quiz–Quiz Section

The Quiz section is based on information located in each of the other three sections Authors, Musicians and Sports. Each section has five questions which the user then chooses from three separate answers.

Examples of the types of questions in the Quiz section are “which year was Toni Morrison awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature” or “how many touchdowns did Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers score when he lead the National Football League”.

After answering each question the user receives feedback to determine if the answer was correct.

web–Web Sites Section

The Web Sites section allows the user to use the internet as a tool for gathering more information and is divided into three sections; Libraries, Music, and Sports.

The Libraries section has two parts which are Civil Rights Leaders and Research centers. The Civil Rights leaders are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. The Research centers sites are The Amistad Center for Research and The African-American Mosaic.

The Music section is divided into three separate sections Jazz, Pop, and Rap. The Jazz sites feature Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. The Pop section sites includes Janet Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder. The Rap sites contains Da Brat, Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Heavy D. and the Boyz.

The Sports section incorporates three different sports–baseball, basketball, and football. The baseball section consists of Barry Bonds, Fred McGriff and Albert Belle. Included in the basketball section are Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Anfernee Hardaway. The football section features Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice.

SVA Portfolio…1989

Below are photographs from my School of Visual Arts portfolio, some effects were created in camera and others had filters added to get the desired outcome.

DVD Graphics..circa 2005

Below are a number of DVD’s that were created using Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and DVD Studio Pro. Their creations were for work, friends and personal use, not for resale purposes. They do however contain the same types of navigation and menu selections available in any retail DVD.